About Our Trades

South Shore Marine offers a very active trade program with three categories to fit your expectations and budget. For buyers seeking boats in top condition with exceptional value, convenience, and added peace of mind, our trades and certified trades are unique in the pre-owned market.

SSM Certified Trade SSM Trade Wholesale
Less than 10 years old Over 10 years old Based on condition,age,price
Full boat & mechanical inspection Full boat & mechanical inspection No inspection
Certification Checklist done & available Certification Checklist done & available No Certification
100% of systems functional All systems functional or noted otherwise All “as is”
All Safety items corrected All safety items corrected All “as is”
Mechanically proactively maintained Maintenance current All “as is”
Systems fully serviced – throughout Systems serviced as needed All “as is”
Ready for inspection, survey, and sea-trial Ready for inspection, survey, and sea-trial All “as is”
Clean & Detailed – our way. Clean & Detailed – our way. All “as is”
Cosmetically exceptional Cosmetically nice / above average All “as is”
Condition overall – exceptional Condition can vary based on age and price All “as is”
Our service prep. & work orders available Our service prep. & work orders available. No service prep done
30 day / 30 hour limited warranty No warranty included No warranty included