Grady Club News & Events

Dear Fleet:

Come join us for a day of fun on the Cleveland Waterfront

  • 11 AM to 5 PM – Complementary dockage at the Rock and Dock  Marina (in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
  • Tour the William G. Mather Steamship at the Great Lakes Science Center. We will walk over from the docks at around 1 PM (tour fee paid by attendees)
  • Enjoy fun on the dock after the tour. All attendees to bring food and beverages to share tailgate style – after all we are next to the stadium!
  • Trailer boater bonanza – launch at Edgewater and never leave the protection of the inner harbor
  • Open to all water Grady’s and owners that would like to come by land. Plenty of parking at the Science Center or take the Rapid Train
  • Optional 9am to 11am Grady White River and Waterfront Cruise
  • Sign up cut off is Wednesday July 11th

Remember to follow us on the Lake Erie Grady White Club Facebook page.

Mike Manion

Dear Fleet
It has been quiet for a while, so let’s break the silence, IT’S TOURNAMENT TIME!
Introducing the Saturday June 2nd Lake Erie Grady White Club Walleye Tournament. There are three forms attached that you will need to read or fill out for the event. Some highlights for those new to the event and a critically important change!
1). You don’t need to fish to participate. Typically 25% of our attendees don’t fish but come for the free Grady t-shirts, great food and beverages, world famous raffle, captain’s door prizes and great camaraderie.
2). All admission is prepaid and checks/forms must be in the mail by May 23rd. Be sure to read and understand the Rules, fill out the Registration and sign the Release.
3). Big change for 2018. All tournament dinner events are now held at the new beautiful South Shore Marine show room.
Don’t forget to check out, like and follow the Lake Erie Grady White Facebook Page for all event updates and photos. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this event. Tell me that photo doesn’t get the blood flowing!
Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there.
Mike Manion


Dear Fleet
Get ready for the November 18th event. Please let me know if you plan to attend by November 11th. Cost is $10.

Send me questions you would like Gary Zart to answer. This event is for you so let’s have Gary focus on the areas that interest you the most.

Hope to see you there!


river cruise to Fremont

Dear Fleet

Are you ready to do battle? Included are the forms for the June 3rd Walleye Tournament. Once again we will have a Champions and Family Division. You can find out all the important details in the packets below.

Happy Jousting!

Champions Division Packet

Family Division Packet 

Empire of Lake Erie

Dear Fleet

The 15 year anniversary party was a huge success thanks to the support from South Shore Marine, Grady White and all of our wonderful owners who were able to attend. It was also one for the record books with 32 owners boats represented and 91 in attendance.

The event featured great food and beverages accented with fun games, the world famous raffle, owners gifts, music by John Davenport and the ever popular buckets with personalized names. How do you top that?

Take a look at all the photos at our Lake Erie Grady White Club LLC Facebook page.



November Seminar

Dear Fleet

We had a very successful fishing seminar on November 19th. A great breakfast was topped by a phenomenal seminar by fishing pro Zak Jobes. The focus of the event was helping club members unlock the secrets of fishing for Lake Erie Central Basin Trophy walleye in early June. The concentration was the area from Huron to Lorain. Without question, Zak was able to provide valuable insights on techniques, equipment, lures and locations to improve performance at our next tournament in June!

Our event attracted 25 club members and guests. Thanks to all attendees for making our raffle a huge success. Also a special thanks to Amish Outfitters, Erie Outfitters and South Shore Marine for helping with items for the raffle as well as Carl Wirtz with Maloney + Novotny LLC for the financial contribution.

Mike Manion


September 29,2016

Dear Fleet.
I can summarize the results in three words; SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY.

Yes we have embraced this wonderful attribute of Lake Erie by embedding a Small Craft Advisory Flag (red triangle) into our club burgee (which by the way is available for sale for $30). I think this was the only small craft advisory posted for the month of September. If you ever want high winds just schedule a club tournament.

We had a great turn out of 20 owners and a total participants count of 73. Both set records for the club! I am sure the wonderful food served up by the Huron Yacht Club and Jeancola’s Steakhouse helped out quite a bit in this area.

Considering the huge disappointment of our tournament cancellation, our participants were in incredible jovial spirits. I wonder what they did in place of fishing. Hmmm.

Watch out for our next event which is Saturday November 19th. An announcement is coming soon.

Thanks for your participation and support. Without the following sponsors and donors our events would not be possible; Grady White, South Shore Marine, Huron Yacht Club, Erie Outfitters, Fisherman’s Wharf, Amish Outfitters, BAC – Business Administrators and Consultants (Rick Raup’s company) and George Kussai.

See you soon

Mike Manion

More Photos HERE


August 3,2016

Dear Fleet

If it were not for the massive storm that took a 45 degree turn out of Michigan and came right at us we would have had a record turnout for a club rendezvous. We had 5 boats with guests cancel while at their departing dock. Most were coming from farther east and could not find a large enough window of stable weather to make the trip.

We ended up with 9 boats and 31 guests in attendance. A couple of owners came by ferry, a couple were there the night before, others arrived in the morning before the weather hit, a few made it through a small 1 hour window between storms and the last two came over during the tail end of the last storm.

By late afternoon all the bad weather had left and the day turned sunny and tropical. Due to the instability of the weather, we canceled the morning beach portion of the event and asked everyone to just head over to Portside Marina on Kelleys Island.

Let it not be said that the Lake Erie Grady White Club is not resourceful and creative. Games that were meant for the water were adapted for land/pub activities. Ever hear of garbage can basketball or hula hoop Frisbee? Well then, you just need to come to the next Rendezvous and bring with you a day full of great weather.

See all of our photos at the Lake Erie Grady White Facebook page. We will also post them on the SSM website.

Don’t forget our next event is the Perch tournament on Saturday September 24th.


September 30, 2015

Dear Fleet
Lake Erie Grady White September 26th 2015 Perch Tournaments Results
This tournament was one of the most unusual we have had in many years. The day started out with 2 to 4 and 3 to 5 foot rollers at very short intervals and never let up. All teams reported losing one to almost all members to a touch of sea sickness. But yet the teams battled on.
The fishing was equally unusual;
The western basin had decent perch fishing but the fish were on the smaller side. All teams opted to avoid this area.
The central basin from Huron to Lorain, which is usually very dependable and has generated many tournament champions, was almost absent of perch. Teams fishing in this area struggled to find 5 perch.
The Eastern end of the central basin, Ashtabula and Conneaut, traditionally supports nice size perch. The tradeoff unfortunately is the longer travel distance cuts the fishing time almost in half. Bad weather could prove to be a huge waste of time if teams cannot get out. The two teams that ventured into this area ended up finishing 1st and 2nd. The large schools of perch were found and they proved to be hungry as each team caught 120 and 76 perch respectively.

Perch Tournament final

  • 1st Jason Brooks, 226 Seafarer, “JW”, 59.5 inches
  • 2nd Mike Manion, 208 Adventure, “Forever Three”, 57.75 inches
  • 3rd Mike Pasadyn, 268 Islander, “USS-SSM”, 54 inches
  • 4th Donny DePasquale, 190 Tournament, “Git-er-done”, 50.25 inches
  • 5th George Kussai, 228 Seafarer, “Just George”, 50 inches
  • 6th Rick Raup, 300 Marlin, “Whiskey D”, 10.75 inches

A big thanks to Grady White, South Shore Marine, Erie Outfitters, Fisherman’s Warf, Huron Yacht Club and George and Carol Kussai for supporting the event!
Remember our next event will be a breakfast meeting on November 14th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Huron Yacht club. Professional Fisherman and Fisheries Biologist at Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife Travis Hartman will be conduction a seminar you won’t want to miss. Maybe Travis can tell us where all the emerald shiners are and the reason for the absence of perch in the central basin. I have also asked him to give us tips on how to beat Jason Brooks.

Mike Manion