Grady-White Owners Club Perch Tournament – September 2014

September 24, 2014

Dear Fleet

A record 14 boats and 56 captains and guests participated in our September 20th Tournament. We would like to thank all of our captains for their continued support.

Lake Erie was her uncooperative self with wind speeds sustained between 14 to 17 miles per hour during the tournament. The winds were from the south and the west depending on your location on the lake. Waves were also reported to be 3 to 5 footers for those who were 4 miles or so off shore with more of a westerly blow.

Even under these trying conditions there were a lot of jumbo perch caught. The results are as follows:

Position, Captain, Inches, Boat Model, Boat Name

1st, Jason Brooks, 61″, 226 Seafarer, “JW”

2nd, Mike Manion, 59.375″, 208 Adventure, “Forever Three”

3rd, Rick Kovacs, 58″, 222 Fisherman

4th, Randy Smith, 54.875″, 226 Seafarer, “Time Aweigh”

5th, Donny DePasquale, 53.875″, 190 Tournament, “Git-er-Done”

6th, Chris Kedas, 50.625″, 209 Fisherman, “South Shore”

Longest Perch, Jason Brooks, 12.5″, 226 Seafarer, “JW”

Captain Jason Brooks turned in the second longest total in club history. The record that still stands is 61.375″ turned in by Captain Tom Tomasheski in 2006 aboard a 226 Seafarer called “Alex J”.

We will be posting additional photos on the South Shore Marine Website. We will let you know when they are ready for viewing.

Big thanks goes out to South Shore Marine for their always strong sponsorship and Grady White. Also we would like to thank our supporting vendors; Erie Outfitters – Sheffield, Fisherman’s Warf – Port Clinton, George’s Bait and Tackle – Lorain, Huron Yacht Club – Huron. Once again the Kussai’s donated a nice raffle item. Our raffles are always a big hit. If you have any items you would like to donate in the future from your business or yourself personally just let me know and we will reserve a spot for them!

Hope to see you at our next event on November 15th – a lone survivor from the sinking of a Great Lakes Speaker will share his experience.

Mike Manion


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