About the Club

Welcome to the Lake Erie Grady-White Owner’s Club Web Page!

The club was created in 2003 and is comprised of Grady-White owners and their families that spend time boating on Lake Erie. The group focuses on promoting family fun and sport fishing, while encouraging camaraderie and fellowship amongst owners of Grady-White Boats. The club has a range of events and outings open to its members to support these goals. The club is sponsored by South Shore Marine in Huron, Ohio. In addition to South Shore’s support, we have many dedicated members with a passion for Lake Erie.

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What are the qualifications to be a member?

The requirements for joining are simple and can be summarized in one word; Ownership. That’s all! You just need to own a Grady-White and you qualify!

Does the club charge dues?

We do not charge dues and support a “pay as you go” approach. This means each event stands alone and is supported by the entry fees charged for the specific event.

Who do we contact to join?

If you are not a member, please come aboard! We welcome your participation with open arms. Please contact one of the following:

Contact Phone Email
Mike Manion 216-410-3455 manionm@sbcglobal.net
Bill Jeancola 440-371-3675 jeancola2002@yahoo.com
South Shore Marine 419-433-5798 sales@southshoremarine.com