Lake Erie Grady-White Owners Club Walleye Tournament – June 3

Lake Erie Grady-White Owners Club Walleye Tournament – June 3

Dear Fleet

Results of the June 3rd, 2017 Walleye Tournament:

Place Captain Boat Name Boat Model Total Inches Biggest
1 Bill Rauterkus Rachel Marie II 360 Express 127.375 30.5
2 Mike Manion Morning Star 232 Gulfstream 122.75 29.5
3 Rick Raup Whiskey D 300 Marlin 118.25 28.5
4 Jason Brooks JW 226 Seafarer 117.25 27.125
5 Donny DePasquale Git er Done 19 Tournament 116.475 26.875
6 Drew Opsitnick 257 Fisherman 112.75 24.75

There were a total of 14 teams competing. We were blessed with phenomenal lake conditions. All teams battled to find the larger walleye because the “young kids” from the 2014 and 2015 spawns were stealing the show (as well as the baits).

Once again our awards dinner featured the famous Bill Jeancola rib-eye steaks. We a had record tournament dinner attendance of 77 including 23 owners.

Additional photos are posted on the Lake Erie Grady White Club Facebook HERE. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the national private Grady club website at The Grady-White Club HERE.


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