About South Shore Marine

Company Info

Since 1989, our two most valuable assets have been: a great team and a very loyal customer base. We seek relationships first through honest guidance, excellent service, and building trust. We are blessed with referrals from highly satisfied customers that truly promote our business and sustain our growth.

South Shore Marine is a full service marine dealership dedicated to providing premium products and services to boaters in the Great Lakes region.

Providing a gateway for individuals and families to get away together and experience relaxing time on the water.


TRUST: Build honest, sincere, and valued relationships

  • Always Show Integrity and Respect
  • Honor All Commitments
  • Be Fair and Unselfish
  • Be Truthful About the Importance Of Your Happiness

TEAMWORK: Achieve ambitious goals and extraordinary results (synergy)

  • Continually Maximize Our Collective Talents
  • Be Flexible and Versatile
  • Collaborate with Enthusiasm
  • Be Kind and Helpful

EXCELLENCE: Consistently commit to achieving superior results

  • Meet or Exceed High Quality Standards
  • Be Proactive and Highly Responsive
  • Take Pride in Continuous Improvement
  • Maintain a Safe and Pristine Environment

FINANCIAL STRENGTH: Long term financial success and growth

  • Be Efficient and Profitable
  • Utilize Innovation and Creativity
  • Operate with Clear Expectations, Sound Goals, and Adaptable Plans
  • Continually Invest in People and Resources